FIT Bodywrap ®

FIT Bodywrap ®

Health benefits of FIT Bodywrap ® Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Fitness Recovery, Detoxification, Anti-Aging, Mind/Body Wellness, Cellulite Reduction, Skin Care.The FIT Bodywrap ® works to detoxify the body, soothe aches and pains, speed muscle recovery, and boost metabolism. How? It’s simple – direct infrared heat! The FIT Bodywrap ® delivers the safest, most effective, and highest quality far infrared heat directly to the body, leading to a whole host of health benefits.

  • 1 Session – $45
  • 5 Sessions – $190
  • 1 Month (up to 15 sessions) – $220

**FIT Bodywrap VIP - up to 15 sessions monthly $99

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The FIT Bodywrap VIP membership gives you up to 15 sessions monthly for only $99 per month (12 month contract)

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